Story of Freddie Hatae’s costume Part 2 (standard edition)

Introducing GUEEN’s classic costumes. After 30 years, the number of costumes has increased considerably, and the old ones have become tired and have a personality. Introducing costumes. We would also like to thank the authors again. Around 1970, black and white diamond tights actually failed to wash and were disposed of. It is a very early costume that I ordered from Chacott. The real Costume is seems to be a technique called “Kakehagi” that sews cloth for each color, but it costs money, so it is dyeable.   1973 UK tour style black tights with Mr. Ukon. I sewed stones on the velvet tights I ordered from Chacott. 1974 Opera 続きを読む・・・

Next live on May. we will switch to live streaming.

Everyone is still inconvenient by Covid-19. How are you doing? Although it is a regular live of GUEEN spring scheduled for May 5, we will switch to a live by distribution.Because the schedule of members and the profitability are not set. The delivery schedule will be announced separately. I think you were looking forward to it, and We are very sorry. In addition, we are considering Shibuya O-EAST next time on November 14, 2021 (Sun) for the live performance that welcomes you. We would appreciate it if you could include your schedule. Thank you for your continued patronage of GUEEN. Also, if you register your e-mail address from the following, 続きを読む・・・

Story of Freddie Hatae’s costume part 1 (rare costume edition)

Everyone, the state of emergency continues and the inconvenient days continue, but how are you doing? By the way Freddie Hatae’s costume change is one of the stories at GUEEN’s live performance. In the 1990s, there were only tights and vinyl leather, but I think that they are adding year by year and now they have one of the best costumes in the QUEEN tribute world. This time, I would like to take a look at the rare item series instead of the standard costumes. This is the centerpiece suit that is familiar with hard life PV. This highlight was distributed to customers during the performance. It takes a long 続きを読む・・・