Proud story of Freddie costume part 1 (rare costume edition)

Everyone, the state of emergency continues and the inconvenient days continue, but how are you doing?

By the way

Freddie Hatae’s costume change is one of the stories at GUEEN’s live performance.

In the 1990s, there were only tights and vinyl leather, but I think that they are adding year by year and now they have one of the best costumes in the QUEEN tribute world.

This time, I would like to take a look at the rare item series instead of the standard costumes.

This is the centerpiece suit that is familiar with hard life PV. This highlight was distributed to customers during the performance. It takes a long time to wear it, so I can’t change it quickly and I only wear it once.


Next is leather-style red pants. I don’t wear much because my legs look quite short.

Finally, the invisible man jacket. It’s well done, but the songs are subtle, so there are very few chances of appearance.


Freddie Hatae ‘s??? Costume


Adam Lambert Japanese style costume. I also made a tattoo. The base is black special clothing and the back has “Adam”Kanji written on it. The heel of the boots was about 15CM, and the moment it came out, it was moss. Click here for the real thing. It looks like a tamori.



Pico Taro Another Adam Lambert-style costume “Leopard print glitter” member calls it “Pico Taro”. It’s quite unclear, but please refer to this photo of yourself.


Lastly, it’s auspicious, so it often appears as a photo at the beginning of the year.

Since I made it myself with the“GAGA Special” curing sheet that I wore break-free, it did not last long and the shrimp and clothes were discarded, so I will never wear it again. Hatae is my favorite.

When she calms down Covid-19, I would like her to gather at the live house and laugh.







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