Story of Freddie Hatae’s costume Part 2 (standard edition)

Introducing GUEEN’s classic costumes.

After 30 years, the number of costumes has increased considerably, and the old ones have become tired and have a personality.

Introducing costumes.

We would also like to thank the authors again.

Around 1970, black and white diamond tights actually failed to wash and were disposed of. It is a very early costume that I ordered from Chacott.

The real Costume is seems to be a technique called “Kakehagi” that sews cloth for each color, but it costs money, so it is dyeable.


1973 UK tour style black tights with Mr. Ukon. I sewed stones on the velvet tights I ordered from Chacott.

1974 Opera Tour Bohemian Rhapsody’s PV-style costume. I asked Professor Hiromi Tomita of Tokyo Kasei Gakuin University to make it.

It’s a wonderful costume.

1974 Opera Tour Shirasagi (Pleated) This is the earliest costume created by GUEEN. I asked Miss.Ikuko Kitai, who is also a photographer, to make it. At that time, it was the age of video, so it seems that he investigated while posing PV many times. Now that the real thing is on display,

1977 North America Tour Red Green Tights This is also made by the method of Kakehagi, but I asked QUEEN’s favorite artist “Kawano_Nami” to draw it. The atmosphere is perfect.

1978 Jazz Tour : Vinyl Suit + Cap I am remodeling his hanging vinyl jacket and police cap by myself.

1980 Flash Tour Style Superman Tank Top This is a playful version with G written in the place where S is written.

1981 South America Tour Style Red Leather Pants + Knee Pads It doesn’t look good as I explained in his rare edition.

1982 Hot space tour Arrow tank top . A tank top created with Mr.JAZZ from Sapporo. The elaborate silk printing of 3 colors and 3 plates has become very rare because the printing shop has closed down. Sold as goods. I also have QUEER’s Balsara wear it .


1982 Hot space tour style white arrow jacket Mr.JAZZ (Kazuyoshi Kadowaki) made this jacket. This satin fabric is light and does not deteriorate over time, so it is very useful.

1982 Hot space tour style black arrow jacket A leather style arrow jacket made by JAZZ. This has deteriorated over time. It is a jacket that has been steadily vintageized. cool.

1984 BREAK FREE PV-style crossdresser Isn’t this a classic?


1985 LIVE EID White tank top Both are available, but in order to reproduce the chemical bleach of the pants, I dyed the white jeans lightly.

1986 MAGIC TOUR Kaze Betty. Someone who is forcibly making this in Europe bought ebay. However, the shipping fee is as high as about $100. Also, when it arrives, you have to cut the sleeves.

1986 MAGIC TOUR style yellow jacket, a masterpiece by Professor Tomita. There are lots of pads to correct my body shape like Freddie. Seen from a distance, it is full of authenticity. Ser. Paul McCartneys are also looking at this costume. I’m wearing a Marilyn T-shirt inside like a miracle PV.

1989 These Are The Days Of Our Lives PV Wind Cat Best Scan and enlarge the photo book with his little slur. It is printed in large format and pasted. Mr. Sawada’s wife, “Anything Printing Shop” in Iwamotocho, Akihabara at that time, ironed it.

1989 BREAKTHRU PV風 目玉ベスト アイロンプリントで作りました。こちらはほぼ自作。ベースのベストの色が本物よう薄いですね。

1989 BREAKTHRU PV style eyeball vest Made with iron print. This is almost my own work. The color of the vest of the base is really light.

Crown + cloak The crown is by Adam and Meg who made the eyeball. If you look closely, you can see that it is made of paper. That is also an interesting point.



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