QUEEN Tribute Band “GUEEN” Biography

Recording-style QUEEN sound with live performance.

We are “Gueen”, a Queen tribute band performing in Japan. We started in 1990 and have been performing ever since then.
Every year to commemorate Freddie’s passing we hold a tribute concert to raise donations for the Mercury Pheonix Trust. Until 1998 these concerts were held by the FMA (Freddie Mercury Association), a charity organization in Japan, but after their disbandment we have carried on in their place.
Our concerts are now called “Queen Tribute” and we have been contributing to the MPT for over 19 years now. All the members, lighting and SR staff have been raising money and awareness for Freddie, who not only left us with so much great music but also loved Japan as well. Over 800 Queen fans attend our show to participate in the charity every year and we hope to keep on doing so.
We at Gueen do not try to re-create Queen’s stage act but rather their recorded material on stage. We only perform in Japan but if you are ever in Japan please come and enjoy our performance!

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Band profile

The sound of the record version of Queen, which has been said to be “unreproducible live” for some time. GUEEN is famous for challenging that impossible and realizing live performances and perfect reproduction on stage.

He has a long history and was formed in April 1990 while Freddie Mercury was still alive. In July of the same year, he appeared on TBS “Ikasu Band Heaven” and received great acclaim from the judges.

Since then, he has held a one-man concert at Shibuya O-East twice a year. For more than 20 years, Queen has donated to the Mercury Phoenix Trust, an AIDS fund organization founded after Freddie’s death, and has received a letter of appreciation from Brian May and Roger Taylor.

While ostensibly a comedy band, the stage where the outstanding playing ability of the professional group and the overwhelming entertainment of vocalist Freddie Hatae match is a must-see. It is a space where emotions and laughter are mixed, and it shows unrivaled quality such as reproduction in album units. The performance that sticks to the record original should be astonishing as you know Queen in detail. At the one-man concert, he continues to hold highly complete shows with dedicated sound, lighting, and stage staff.

In 2013, he was invited to perform at Paul McCartney’s party during his visit to Japan, and made Paul and other members burst into laughter, and his name appeared in the concert pamphlet.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2020, it is an ongoing tribute band that is currently covering almost all original albums.

Freddie Hatae: vo, piano / Shinya “Brian”Iguchi: Gtr, Vo, Piano / Satoshi “John” Anthony Yamada: Bass, vo / Keiichi “Morgan”Takenaka: Key, vo / Jun Matsumoto: Dr / Syn, Key: Red Honma